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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Blogger App


After seeing StarsHollow's post about using the Blogger  App, I thought I would give it a go! 

So here I am. I do prefer typing on a keyboard to on a touch screen but I'm not finding it too difficult. 

I was going to link to her blog. It is easy to highlight the text and insert a link but I like to open the blog on a webpage so I can check the link is correct, unfortunately I cannot open another window as I'm within an  app. (I have added links now!)

I wonder how easy it is to insert photos?

Ooh, very easy, just a click on the image icon opens up your phone gallery. I inserted my last photo. Boiled egg with toast! Very exciting!  

I assume it posts all the photos at the end of the post?  (Yes, it did, but I moved it during the computer edit!)

You can also click on the camera icon and take a photo to insert in the post. I just took a quick snap of Rebecca in the back of the car.


I don't know how to rotate her within this app!

I can see how to use bold and Italic but not how to change the font. 

I think this App is very useful to write quick posts or to start the bulk of your writing on when you can't get to the computer. 

I would probably then save the post and edit it, changing the font, replacing the photos and inserting unknown links on the computer before I publish it. 

For this post though I am going to just 'touch' PUBLISH and see what happens! 

What does a three minute post look like?!

Wish me luck!


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