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Tuesday, 21 August 2012



Hello All,

I seem to be surrounded by unfinished, incomplete or "come undone" things everywhere at the moment.

I know what I want and need to do, but don't now how to find the time to do it. 

Then, the things that I have somehow managed to get done, just seem to need redoing again already.

Usually, during the holidays, my only aim is to entertain my children.  Of course, this has been my aim this year as well, but I also wanted to get the garden "sorted", declutter the house, make our living areas and bedrooms all nice, ready for going back to school.

I started off well, I really did.  The kids and I started with the garden.  They dug all the weeds up at the back and front entrances to our house.  It looked  a lot tidier.  At the front of the house, I always like to have two matching plants surrounding our front door (sounds so twee, I know).  Despite being bought the same time and being treated the same way, one of the plants decided to die this Summer.  I tried to save it, but I had to give up eventually and dispose of the dead black plant.  I still haven't tracked down a new "twin" plant to live opposite the surviving, lonely one!  

I have also noticed this week, that all the weeds have grown back, so that hard work already needs redoing all over again.

I washed the windows and they already look like I haven't washed them in ten years!

I cleaned the car inside and out.  I vowed to not let it get cluttered and messy again.  I made the kids promise that any toys they bring out to the car, they would bring back into the house and put away.  I also said, as I always do, no eating and getting crumbs everywhere.  I never stick to this, I mean if they're hungry and it's raining, I'm going to let them eat in the car when we're out and about.

So, the car is once again full of lego, dolls, cuddlies, felt tip pen lids, food packaging and crumbs.

I haved mowed the lawn I don't know how many times, but it's still overgrown now.  We keep having showers everyday inbetween the sunshine, so I can't even mow it safely with our elecric mower.

I painted some old school chairs with the kids.  Gloss paint and kids.  Why?  The gloss bubbled.  They obviously also need another coat.  The kids loved it and are so proud of their chairs, but I need  a dry day when either Dave is home, or miracuously, I can be guaranteed that all four children are entertained at the same time, for a couple of hours, to sand them down again and give them a second coat of paint.  So they can be finished.  Complete.  Shiny and New.

I also need to track down a table to match them.  I've looked on FreeCycle and there are either teeny coffee tables or massive dining tables.  I thought of donating my own coffee table to the project, but it's not big enough for them all to sit together outside.

We have tyres in the garden waiting to be washed, painted and planted in.  Another tractor tyre is in the hedge, waiting to be turned into a ball pool for Izzy (well all the kids really).

I wet vacumned the living room carpet, the attachment broke, so that was a job half done.

I have half (heartedly maybe?) sorted the living room, not even started in the dining room (more like overflowing craft storage room), I have a half clean bathroom and kitchen.  Don't mention the utility room, shed or attic!

The kids bedrooms get worse not better.

I'm trying to keep fit.  I go for a run/swim when I can squeeze it in, then suddenly find that it's been over a week since I last ran/swam.  I pluck my eyebrows, then accidentally catch my reflection in the rear view mirror and see they need plucking again.  My nails need cleaning and filing AGAIN.  

I clear the laundry basket only to refill it.  I carry the clean clothes upstairs and put away, then the next day the "spare" settee in our living room is filled with clean clothes again.  The last time I cleared it, I took a photo of the settee and sent it to Dave, just to remind him we do still have a settee in our makeshift Chinese Laundry.

The fish water is due a change.  Luckily, that seems to be Dave's "job" so I won't take reponsibility for that!

I haven't read every night to the kids like I normally do during term time.  I haven't baked as frequently.  I haven't made any candles recently, so now I'm out of lightable candles, so haven't been lighting them in the living, kitchen and bathroom, as is usually my evening ritual.  I haven't made anything crafty.  I need to make clips for the girls and a knitted head band for Isabelle.  I still have a guitar standing in the living room waiting to be played.

This Blog is also a work in progress.  As you know, you can set a Blog up in five minutes if you choose a template etc.  I did this with the intention of later on designing my own background and header etc.  I need to update my About Me and Profile Picture.  My Twitter Photo is about five years old!  Everytime, I try to update it, the computer fails me!  I'm even "undone" on line.  I know I need to make the Blog more easy on the eye and easy to navigate.

When, I have unfinished projects, it reminds me of a mythical dragon cross stitch that I never finished when I was younger.  I don't know why but I always think back to that.  It hasn't affected my life in any way not having a framed garish cross stitch to have to find somewhere hidden to hang it, but it always make me feel worried somehow.

The way I'm going even this blog post will remain ...


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