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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I've won a Graco Nautilus Elite Car Seat!


Dear All,

Earlier this year, during May, I received a very exciting e-mail from Graco

I was one of five winners who had been selected to test the Nautilus Elite Carseat. 

I was so excited!

Isabelle is currently still travelling in her Graco Junior Carseat which came with her Graco Travel System



This has been perfect for her since birth.  I can secure her in her carseat, quickly clip the carseat into the Graco Base for car journeys or click it into the Travel System Push Chair to go for a walk.




However, as she gets older and bigger, she will have more room and feel more comfortable in the pushchair part of the travel systyem.  I will also begin to find her too heavy to lift the carseat in and out of the car.

Therefore from nine months to a year old, I would like to move her into a fixed forward facing carseat for our car journeys.  She can see more out of the window then and see me as I drive her. 

Isabelle is nearly eight months old, so when I saw the opportunity to win a Graco Nautilus Elite Carseat, which was suitable from nine months old and up to twelve years of age, I had to take part.


My love for Graco began ten years ago, when I was pregnant with my eldest child, Danny.

He came home from Birmingham Children's Hospital, after two Heart Operations, at three weeks old in his Graco Carseat.


Here he is in his Graco Mirage Travel System.


This Travel System was then loaned to a friend.  The covers all came off very easily to wash so the travel system was as good as new. It was then returned to me to use with Danny's younger sister, Rebecca.

I had my third child, Caitlyn not long after so the Graco Mirage Travel System wasn't as suitable for my needs.  I still kept the base though!

Therefore, I upgraded to a Graco Stadium Duo Tandem Travel System.  This Travel System fullfilled all my requirements, with space for my baby and my toddler.

Of course, when I had baby Isabelle, Caitlyn was already out of her pushchair so I did not want to continue using the Tandem with a spare seat!

A perfect excuse to buy a new Graco Travel System for Izzy then!  She has the Graco Metro Sport Travel System and it is doing brilliantly!

She also has a Graco Highchair and Graco Swing Chair like her older brother and sisters.


I always know that I can trust and afford to buy Graco products, so I'm looking forward to reviewing the Graco Nautilus Elite and hope we can review more Graco products in the future.



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