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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hello All,

I hope everyone had a lovely Jubilee Weekend and enjoyed Half Term.  I would have preferred to have had half term and then the bank holiday to be honest, but I suppose that would have been a bit greedy! 


Danny came home from camp on the Sunday, he was suitably tired as  the camp leaders had expected and correspondingly as moody as I had expected.

Within half an hour I could take my emotional shield down as he had fell fast asleep on the settee still in his camping gear and wellies!  I had tried to get him out of these and showered, then we were going to cuddle up with a DVD to get him to sleep.  But I didn't mind, he was asleep and that was my main aim.

He woke up hours later refreshed and in a good mood.  He apologised for being so moody and taking it out on us, and got cleaned up ready for the Jubilee Street Party.  If he had still been grumpy, then we were going to have to give this event a miss.

The kids all dressed in red, white and blue again.  Our fairy cakes were decorated with white buttons and red and white smarties and our fruit salad was arranged into a Union Jack.  I also cooked veggie sausages, sausage rolls etc.  Mum made the sandwiches and meaty items.

Dave finished up at the "Jubilee Boat Jumble" earlier than expected, so he came to the party with us.

The weather was terrible, cold, windy and very wet.  Such a shame.  Tables were arranged in line all the way down the closed road, there was enough room fore 400 people.  The street was decorated, the town band played, there was a bouncy castle, street entertainers and a tanker water show.  We stayed there a while in our raincoats- it was too windy for umbrellas, but had to give in when the kids, especially Danny, were so cold they were shivering and begging to come home.

Nanny saved the day and invited us to an indoor Jubilee Picnic, so that's what we did.  Our food put together made a lovely spread.  Danny later made a "pickle kebab". he is pickle and chilli mad!

It also meant we got to watch the Queen on tele while celebrating her Jubilee!  I'm glad the children got to see the historic pageant.


The next day the weather thankfully improved and we went to Folly Farm, a local adventure park and zoo.  We had a lovely day - apart from losing Caitlyn for at least half an hour!  All the staff were put on alert using the Walkie Talkies and were so helpful at keeping me calm and finding her.  It turned out she hadn't gone far away from us at all, she'd just wandered to see "Fireman Sam's Fire Engine".   I was so relieved when we found her, but she was not at all worried by the experience, which has worried me even more!  One of the great things about Folly Farm is they give you a band to put on your children with your phone number upon it in case you lose them. 

Dave made a start on trimming our garden hedge.  He's done the width, so we can get to the sandpit again!  He's just got to do the height now.


Isabelle was ill, a bit of a temperature with cold symptoms.  She couldn't keep solids down today as she was so full of phlegm, so needed lots of Mummy feeding and cuddling.


On Wednesday we went to see The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!  They are Pirate crazy still at the moment and all really enjoyed the film.  They were engrossed in it all the way through.  I know it's a good film if they don't need sweets or toilet visits to entertain them!

Isablle was a lot better and back  to her solids with gusto again!


Mum and I went to a friend of the family's wedding this weekend.  Jo and Ceri were in Italy at another wedding.  We had a lovely time - it was so nice to see a couple so in love, enjoy great company ...and to get to DANCE!  Friday was a wet day again, but the sun shined for us in Cardiff at the Wedding, it also shined at home so the kids were happy in their pool.


I got home Sunday, then it was time to get everything ready for school.

This Week

I'm struggling a bit this week- I always do the week after a "holiday".  Never mind, I'll soon be back into the routine of washing/drying uniforms, PE Kit/Swimming Bags, polishing shoes, making sandwiches, baking cakes, homework, music practise and listening to readers.  The girls have to make crowns ready for their Jubilee Party on Friday.   I also need to get their outfits ready and bake cakes for the party.  Rebecca has asked for a Union Jack fruit salad again too. 

Danny has Cubs tomorrow- I still haven't sewn on his new badges and I seem to have dyed the white part of his blue scarf grey. Oh dear.

I'm also behind on lots of paperwork that I started on Monday.

Oh, and I really need to tidy this house up, clean the windows and mow the lawn again.  The grass and weeds are loving this alternate hot/dry and cold/wet weather days that we are having this year. 

Hope everyone has a good week!




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