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Thursday, 12 April 2012

You'll have bad times...and you'll have good times...

Hi all,

Yesterday was a bad day from start to finish and I'm not even sure why!

I woke up (later than usual) with a sore, streaming eye and feeling achy all over.  Three screaming wound up kids who couldn't wait for breakfast and to get outside to play.  Even Isabelle was tetchier than normal!

After getting everyone breakfast and clearing up, I thought I'd jump in the bath to sort out my aches and pains.  In my hurry and because I couldn't see that well with a bad eye, I knocked my phone into the bath.  I quickly fished my phone out and put it into rice to soak as soon as I was out of the bath.  Getting my phone wet is now such a regular occurrence that I keep a plastic tub filled with rice in the cupboard just for this purpose!

We were meant to go to a film at the Torch and had been really looking forward to it.  I got everyone ready then realised it was silly forcing myself to go out when my eye was sore, I could barely see, I was really achy and I don't know if anyone else suffers with their glands, but when they're so tender, I just want to cry.

A day at home though was completely out of the question.  After resting my eyes for a couple of hours I had to brave the world (with sunglasses on).  I had eBay parcels to post (I wish everyone paid up on Sunday so I could post on Mondays only!), Danny's Birthday Party to pay for and guitar strings to buy.

We went to pay for Danny's party.  The venue had changed, but I didn't realise the set up had to.  I thought I was paying for a party which would take place at their venue, they thought they were coming to me for the event.  I paid for the party anyway, as Dan looked so disappointed when he thought for one second he wouldn't get the reptile party we'd planned. 

I said I'd sort a venue.  Our living room is too small to hold lots of kids, adults and huge snakes...yikes!

Then I got the guitar strings.  As we had to pass a park on the way home, I said we could play there for an hour to make up for not seeing the film.  I wish I'd just gone home.  As I didn't have as much energy as normal and no phone on me in case of an emergency, I suddenly felt really worried that I couldn't cope with all four of them on my own in the park.  It was really strange.  I cope with all four of them on my own every day.  I often bring them to the park.  I always manage and have fun, but not today.

It was busy and wild.  They played OK on the climbing frames, slides and swings.  Then whenever they went on the roundabout, they were far too rough (all the kids not just mine).  I had to tell them to slow down for younger kids, and remind them to stop to let kids on and off.  Isabelle had a moan so I took her out to have a little play on the grass.  Then Caitlyn suddenly fell off the roundabout, her body was off, but her head still on and of course the roundabout kept on going.  I really thought she would break her neck.  It was horrible.  I stopped the roundabout, grabbed her.  She was crying and had a bump by her eye, but she was fine.  A miracle really, it looked so much worse.  She had a cuddle and wanted to play, but my nerves couldn't take it.  We walked back to the car, went home and had an ice cream in the garden. 

So, we got home and I felt stressed about the party all night really.  I just felt so exhausted and tearful about everything, but then as these things happen today was a much better day.

I woke up, feeling fine!  My eye was better and my glands were down.  The bump on Caitlyn's face, which I felt so bad about, had gone down.  Isabelle was back to smiley, happy baby.  I checked my e-mails: the party venue owner explained they had a different venue they would be happy to hold the party at for us and would throw in some freebies for the confusion.  My phone started working again.

Danny's birthday presents have arrived and his party bag goodies.  :-)

I have been worried about my post, I was expecting a Blog Giveaway prize in the post, but it never arrived.  I also ordered Taproot and everyone seems to have got their copy apart from me.  :-( .  But at least now, I know the majority of my post is getting through!  :-)

Hope everyone else if on a "good day" and not a "bad one"!




  1. We all have days like this at times....thank goodness there's always tomorrow! Glad you are feeling better now :)

  2. Ps I am a fellow newbie, still trying to work things out!

  3. Hi, thanks for commenting. Yes, always grateful for tomorrow! :-) xxx


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