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Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Sunday


I haven't updated this blog for a while but I have been reading other blogs.  I loved reading all the Easter posts.  We all seem to agree on the meaning of Easter but celebrate in either very similar or very different ways.  It was really interesting.

The children learn a lot about Easter in school but we also read a lot of Easter stories as part of our Easter books basket. 

We also (once again) use this  schools website to find out more information or to answer any questions they have. 

I also don't agree with the commercialism of Easter.  I didn't "buy" anything for Easter that I wouldn't have bought any other week.  But as family do like to buy the children gifts then I like the children to make gifts to give to family in return.  We normally make cards too, but didn't this year.

Our homemade Easter Baskets (made out of cereal boxes!) contained things like Egg Bath Bombs, Easter Biscuits, Easter Chocolate nests and felted Easter bunny/chick.



Nearly every blog I read contains needle felting...so I had to have a go! Of course, I didn't get a chance. Once the kids saw me doing it, they wanted a go instead. I need more mats. I definitely need a bigger one, so we can all do this craft together. It was their first attempt so it wasn't that good. We made them very quickly and we weren't sure how long to keep on "felting for" but we got the gist of it and can't wait to do it again. I also need to buy lots more coloured wool as we had to make do with the colours we had for now.

Rebecca needle felting.


Her bunny.


Danny having a go.



First off on Easter Sunday, we went to visit Nanny and Aunty ceri. Aunty Jo and cerys were visiting Thomas the Tank engine! Since Danny was a baby, Mum has always held a Easter hunt at her house.










Rebecca enjoyed completing her jig-saw. She said she was "too shy" to be in the photo with it!


Isabelle loved this bunny!


Then we went to see Granny and Grampy. Caitlyn fell asleep here! So did Isabelle on Granny's lap. Danny and Rebecca watched Dr Dolittle with the family and played etc.

Lastly, we went to see Great Granny and Great Grampy.



In a coincidence, my late Dad built Dave's Grandparent's Conservatory. It is nice to be there, thinking that my Dad had also been in the same place many years ago, building a conservatory, not realising his Grandchildren, who he would never get to see, would play here.


Also, over the fields (and far away!) you can see my Mum's house from here. At Christmas time, the children always spot Nanny's Star Light on her attic window.

Cuddles with Great Grampy.


One of Great Grampy (and Dave and the kids) ancestors. I like to look at this painting and see if I can spot the family resemblance.


Not a good photo sorry, but they dug out an old picture by Dave when he was 8 years old. I love it!


Some outdoor play.


Later some boys knocked on the door and explained that they had fired a toy arrow onto G Granny's roof and they couldn't get it down. Luckily, Dave was there so he climbed up and rescued it. Our own kids couldn't wait to go outside and see Daddy on the roof! Rebeccca ran outside, fell over, ripped her leggings and skirt,she had bleeding knees, bleeding elbows and a bump on the head bless her!

Apart from that it was a lovely day spent with family.



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