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Saturday, 10 March 2012

We love...the Park!

One of our favourite free days out is to our local park.  In the past when I only had Danny, and then just Danny and Rebecca, we used to go there most nights after school.  Since the kids have started going to clubs, it's hard to find time to play in the park on school days, which is a shame.  Hopefully now, with the nights becoming lighter and days becoming longer we'll be able to fit in some park time fun again!

Before Danny's third op, he used to struggle to play in the park.  He would tire easily and get moody, become cyanosed from the cold and turn blue, he didn't have the energy to climb and got frustrated when he could see his peers doing it.  Then, when Rebecca came along, he couldn't understand why she could do all these things so easily.

Thankfully, since the third op Danny has improved massively!  You would not know there was anything wrong with him if you saw him play in the park.  Now, my only worry is him falling from climbing, as he is on warfarin.  Therefore, when his INR is high, going to the Park is not a sensible thing to do.  Some people may say that he shouldn't climb at all, but he's a boy, and a boisterous one at that.  I worry-as all parents do, but I think his quality of life is more important than wrapping him up in cotton wool.


Danny- Champion of the World! Oh, my heart is in my mouth when he climbs up here! But, I am also so proud that he can now do this like his friends. Also, to see him so proud of his own achievement is worth getting over my fear.

P1158414 P1158413

He also didn't have the strength or energy to climb up this skating ramp. Now he can do it easily, and loves to help others to get up and down. Kids love hanging upside down!


I would have to say that out of all my kids, Caitlyn is the dare devil. She has no fear. I can't believe the heights she climbs too...and jumps from...and like a cat always lands on...well two feet actually! ;-)


I was like this as a child, I had no fear jumping off the high viewing stand when watching my Dad play Rugby, but since having my own kids, I have become a wimp!

P1158400 P1158398 P1158397 P1158395

With a park friend.

P1158391 P1158389 P1158385 P1158382 P1158378 P1158377 P1158374

This was a bitterly cold day.  Not long after Christmas, so poor old Isabelle (not pictured!) only a newborn really got cold and hungry so we had to head home.  So no pictures of the climbing section or tyre swing etc on this visit sorry!




  1. al 3 of mine love the park, hours of free fun, which is the best kind of fun ;) x


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