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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday...still Sunny!


Wow, we're still enjoying our "Summer" in the UK!  :-)  International readers are probably wondering why we keep mentioning it, but we really do appreciate a little bit of sunshine in good old blighty!  ;-)

Good morning Seagulls!  :-)


Caitlyn on her way to school.

caitlynschool1 caitlyndaisy caitlynschool2 caitlynschool3

Me and Isabelle enjoying the sunshine.


Once, Caitlyn was in school, a trip to Tesco's could not be avoided as we really needed supplies.  Isabelle had a ride in the trolley today and smiled all the way round.  I did get some looks as I chatted to her and sang to her all the way...how could I resist?!

isabelletesco1 isabelletesco

She is so cute (to me!), I could eat her!  :-)


After school, we walked to the park.


Had the usual fun, met friends, bought some sweets at the end for being good.  Oh, and we had to treat ourselves to a packet of crisps each as soon as we got there as well, as despite snacking on apples and carrots on the way to the park, we all felt very hungry!  I'm having one of those days where I could eat and eat...I'm still hungry now after my tea!  Hopefully a cup of tea will help!

rebeccapark girlspark caitlynseesaw caitlynseesaw2 swings

dannyseesaw caitlynswing

isabellepark2 tyreswing1 caitlyntyreswing dannyclimb dannyclimb3 isabellepark

After the park, we had quorn wraps in the garden for tea.  I can't believe how warm it is in the evenings.  Normally, even on the hottest day, when you sit still in the garden to eat, you need to put a cardigan or jumper on to keep warm, but it doesn't seem to cool until much later. 

Maybe it just feels warmer as we haven't long come out of being used to freezing temperatures!

Again, the kids went to bed really well after all the fresh air.  I can't wait for a hot bath and sleep! 

Danny and I are reading a Skullduggery book at the moment.  Not my type of book, but he's enjoying it!

I just read picture books and short stories to the girls at the moment, but I thought I might start "Little House on the Prairie" as a Chapter book with them now.  They love the TV series and I'd love an excuse to re-read the books! 

Caitlyn got double stars in school today for doing well on 2d shapes and unusual colours (silver etc).  The girls have both being doing lots of gardening in school and the school gardens look lovely.  We sent in some plants and so did Nanny. 

Wonder, if it'll be sunny again tomorrow? 

Hope everyone had a nice day!



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