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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tuesday- slowly ticking off the list...

I've nearly finished the Cross-Stitch Daffodil for Great Granny's card. I'm just on the black outlining now, then I'll cut out the card tomorrow. Then start Mother's Day crafts tomorrow. I did mean to have the fabric cut out today but there was just too much to do. Excuse the poor quality photos, I'm using my phone until the USB port is sorted.
crossstitch crossstitch2

Caitlyn brings "Rar Rar" (tiger) everywhere at the moment.

We do not have Sunny Spring weather here, very dark and misty. The grass is too damp to cut. :-( I can't wait for "Spring, Spring, Spring!"

Isabelle is having a growth spurt so fed from me almost constantly today, hopefully that means she will sleep through, but we'll see.

She's started to laugh now...a fairy is born! :-) Oh, I love their first laugh...she was laughing at Dave lifting her up and down and singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep" bless her.

isabelle2 isabelleandme

She went in the pram today rather than the baby carrier. She's a lot happier in there now. :-) She even went round a supermarket in the trolley the other day rather than in her carrier. I love her snuggled up to me in the carrier, but I also love having the space from her, so I can see her, connect with her, talk to her and sing to her. And just enjoy those smiles and laughs...

 isabelle3 walk1 isabellewalk rebecca

Rebecca's parent's evening went very well.  She's doing really well.  We're so proud of you Becca and love you lots...but hopefully you know that!  :-)




  1. awwww, a fairy is born, so sweet, i miss breastfeeding and the closeness, but dont miss the interrupted sleep, even though we still co sleep.

  2. Lol, yes "I believe in fairies!" ;-) Yes, it is hard at first when they wean off you. But nice to have sleep again. :-) I always drink lots in the day but forget at night as half asleep, so I wake up feeling so dehydrated from feeding her. xxx


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