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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Thursday- another hospital visit - TFIF! ;-)


Well after spending the best part of Wednesday up at A & E with Rebecca, I hoped that Thursday would be a bit quieter so I could catch up with things. 
Danny went off to school fine.  We kept Rebecca off due to her fever and headache.  The girls played quietly and Isabelle was happy in her bouncy chair, so I started making candles for Mothering Sunday. 


I'd got into the wonderful state of "flow", kids were content and the kitchen house literally smelt of roses.


Then, the phone rings.

It's Danny's school. My heart misses a beat.  Has he had an accident, got hurt, is he ill?  I answer the phone and listen to the niceties just wanting to know that he is ok.  It turns out, since swimming, he has been blue and shaking, can I come and pick him up?  Of course!

The adrenalin sinks in, I get three girls into the car as quickly as I can (not the easiest task!).  We set off for school.  I run in to see him.  When I get to the classroom, I scan the room and can't find him.  Then, I look again, there he is curled up on the sofa in the corner of the room, in a thick patchwork blanket, shivering, blue. 

Oh bless him.  I get him to the car and turn on the heaters.  Typically, the bin lorry is behind my car, blocking me in so I can't go anywhere in a hurry.  I use the time to ring Dave.  I explain the situation.  Danny's still shaking violently and because he only has half a heart I know he needs to be checked out, just in case.  Dave says he'll ring Granny and Grampy so I can drop the girls off straight away.  He'll also ring children's ward, where Danny has open access, to warn them we're on our way.

So, I drop the girls off.  They're so excited to get to have dinner at Granny and Grampy's. Danny feels so cold, so I keep the heating on for him.  The car is so warm, I nearly pass out.  Still he keeps on shaking.

We get to hospital.  I put Isabelle in the baby carrier, in which I know she will sleep, so I can concentrate on Danny.  I park as near as I can and check he is ok to walk. 

"Yes, but can I go in the lift, Mummy?"

We get to children's ward.  They know him, they're expecting him.  They do all the obs.  SATs are actually high nineties, which is good for him anyway.  Everything is fine cardiac wise.  He just has a high temperature, and from looking at his throat and ears, a viral infection.  They give him some paracetamol and  a discharge letter and send him on his way.

He can't wait to get home to lie on the settee and I feel relieved that he is going to be OK.  Reassured from having him checked out.  Just in case. 


I came home to find the candles I had started to make like this in the pan.

set candlewax

That's what I love about making candles. You can't go wrong...unlike when making soap. Oh, and it makes your house smell nice.

 One poorly boy, on the settee.


Then, I finished making the candles. I will have Mum's presents ready for Mothering Sunday, I will, I will!



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  1. awww bless him, i hate when the little are ill, and those calls from school ge the heart racing. I hope he wis feeling better today x


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