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Friday, 23 March 2012

Sports Relief 2012


I've got to admit I'm not doing much for Sports Relief this year.  When I was PE coordinator, I used to organise the Sports Relief Mile and other activities.  I would also try and get to Oakwood or Scolton Manor to run a sponsored mile.  This year, I see you can also run it at Pembroke Castle which would be lovely.

I haven't really had the money to enter and the time to think about it, but luckily the kids are taking part anyway this year.

They have gone to school "Dressed up as a Sports Person".  First Danny and Rebecca went off to school as a ballerina and a rugby player.

Danny and Rebecca Sports Relief
Then, Caitlyn went off this afternoon as a "Blue Ballerina".

They are doing lots of fundraisers in school today, running a mile, guessing how many sweets in a jar, seeing how many times they can skip, hoola hoop etc in a minute and a sponsored shoot-out. I'll be curled up on the settee tonight watching Sports Relief on the tele with them.

Not a very "Sporty" way to join in!  But I'm resting this year!  ;-)

Hope you enjoy any activities you're taking part in!  :-)




  1. I took lil llady to the park thismorning and we walked /ran a mile, we took some sponsorship off friends and family and are paying that in, she does not do crowds very well :(

    We watched John Bishop do his stuff last night, all I can say is wowo, as he must have had to dig very deep to complete what he did

  2. Hi,
    I saw your post about sports relief too :-). That was a lovely idea. I probably would have done the same if Caitlyn hadn't started school. You'll probably have a few mindees joining in for your next mile! :-) xxx


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