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Monday, 19 March 2012

Mothering Sunday

We used the  Woodlands Junior website to teach and remind us about the meaning of Mothering Sunday and it's traditions.

My memories of Mothering Sunday are presenting a bunch of daffodils to my Mum at the church service, each year.  We also used to make her a card, and on Sunday morning we would prepare her a breakfast tray, always adding a little vase filled with garden flowers to make it look pretty.  

I always think of the young boys and girls working "in service" many years ago, for which this was the one day off they had a year to go home to their Mothering Church and visit their family.  How life has changed. 

Like most people I know, I don't agree with the Commercialisation of "Mother's Day" but I still like to celebrate it and use it as a time to remind my Mum and Dave's Mum how much they mean to us.

I've got to admit though, there was one "commercial" Mother's Day product that I would have loved to have bought for Mum. 


Oh, I love the retro tin! It reminds me of something from my childhood. But the price tag was too high for me, so I decided to put together my own "tin" full of goodies for my Mum. My Mum and I love tins and I love giving gifts in reuseable packaging.

I filled this small tin with a mixture of Blueberry and Chocolate Muffins. I knew I wouldn't be around to make Mum breakfast in bed, as is tradition, so I thought this would be a good substitute. As it happened, my younger sister cooked Mum a lovely breakfast anyway-thank you! ;-)


Then, the larger tin, I filled with "Smellies" and toiletries.


I made Mum a rose scented candle and a lavender scented heart. I did order these from Lush:


I loved the fact that these bubble bath wands  could be used a couple of times but also that: "Our Mum comes with a name tag that's rather special - it's got seeds embedded in the paper! Just dig a little hole in your garden or in a soil-filled pot and pop the tag in whole. Give it a drink of water and sit back and let nature take its course. You'll be rewarded with some lovely wild flowers to bring a little colour to your garden this summer."

 Also, I got a few free samples of soap with my order too which were put into Mums tin.


At the bottom of her tin was an invitation to a day out at a Willow Workshop with me taking part in June. We will get to make our own Willow animal sculptures. It will be a lovely day out for us and I do think the most important Mother's Day gift is having time to spend with each other. This workshop will take place at Trysordy.

As well as having Mums to spoil on Mothering Sunday, I'm also a Mum myself of course!  Danny and Rebecca were disappointed that because they were home ill from school last week they didn't get to take their Mother's Day Cards home, bless them.


My gifts from Danny, Rebecca, Caitlyn and Isabelle.

I haven't had a relaxing "Mother's Day" or had the chance to "put my feet up" (Danny did bring me a foot stool earlier as he thought I should litterally do this all day!  But, I wouldn't have wanted to.  I started writing this post at 6am this morning, then the kids got up and I haven't had a spare second to myself all day.  So here I am, finally having got everything ready for tomorrow and cleared up, at gone 1am finishing this blog!  I didn't have to of course, I could have just gone to sleep, but I like to finish what I started.

The saying, "Mothers work from "Son" up to "Son" down" is certainly true...and applies whether you have sons or daughters, but I know that one day, when I do get to "put my feet up", I'll be looking back to these times when I was so needed by my young family with really fond memories and as much as I'll embrace the next stage, I will really miss them!

Thank you Danny, Rebecca, Caitlyn and Isabelle for making me a mother.  I love you all so much as I hope you know.

I hope everyone had a lovely Mothering Sunday, my thoughts have been with those without a Mum this year.

Love to you all,




  1. I love putting baskets and boxes of gifts together. :) I'm sure your mothers loved them!

  2. I do too. A friend is due a baby any day-that's one of my favourite gifts to prepare for! :-) xxx


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