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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Monday Monday


I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday, it was a beautiful sunny day again.  :-)

After getting the big kids to school yesterday, and planning to do lots all day to make the most of the weather, I ended up having a lazy morning snoozing while feeding Isabelle.  Oh dear!

Luckily, for dinner, we had leftover spicy parsnip soup to reheat.   So when I woke up the thought of that yummy dinner stirred me to actually GET up!  Then for pudding, a slice of the "Jaffa Cake Deluxe"  ;-) .


We had a lovely walk to school, spotting more minibeasts out and about now the sun is shining, lots more Buzzy Bees, "The're Bumble Bees not Buzzy Bees, Mummy!." and Ladybirds. I love Ladybirds or Ladybugs as they are sometimes called.

After school, it was a mad rush to get the kids to the dentist.  I needed diesel, the red light was on and I was very worried I wouldn't make it to the Petrol Station.  Thankfully I did!  Wouldn't it be lovely to have the money to fill up the diesel tank and not worry about being close to the red all the time?

We didn't have time to go home before the appointment, so there was a crazy Mummy, cleaning each kids teeth in the car, spitting out into an old water bottle.  Oh, the moments I don't get pictures off!

They love going to the dentist and enjoy playing in the waiting room.


Can you spot all three children in the photo? Isabelle was sleeping in her carseat by me. Our family friend, the receptionist had forgot that I'd had another baby, so we had a strange conversation about whose baby she was!

They were all good in the dentist. Caitlyn was a bit worried about sitting on the chair but did so when she was allowed to sit on Rebecca's lap. That would have made a good photo! Then it was home to play in the garden. Rebecca was meant to go to dance, but we would have been too rushed and it would have been a shame to miss out on the sun. I cleaned up the sandpit, washing all the sandtoys and scooping out all the pennysows that have made their home in it oover winter. I'll buy new sand then tomorrow. The bugs will be back, luckily the kids don't mind sharing it with one or two creaturea, it makes it authentic like being at the beach(!), but not when it's covered...

With the kids being able to have more hours of sleep, they're finding it a lot easier to drift off to sleep after story time.  I did think they would struggle since the hour change.  Even, Isabelle is falling asleep earlier, here she went into a deep sleep before I managed to change and bath her.


These two stayed up for theirs though!
Hoping the sun shines again for us today! Have a lovely day everyone.

 I'm off to pay some bills...and buy sand (the irony)!



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