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Friday, 23 March 2012

Isabelle - 13 weeks


Isabelle was 13 weeks old on Tuesday.  Where has that time gone?  So, yesterday when I went for a walk with her, carrying her in her baby carrier facing inwards, I noticed she was trying to turn away and look all around.

Then I realised she is now old enough to face forward in her baby carrier.  So today on the school run, she had her first "forward facing" outing.  great for such an inquisitive baby as her!

Sorry, it's the best quick snap I could take.  I put a mini mirror in my pocket, so I could check she was happy. 

isabelle face forward

She was. In the photo here, we were by the rugby field, where it's very windy, especially when you're used to curling up into Mummy.

But, she soon relaxed, and enjoyed seeing people and places, flowers and birds. I could tell when she was excited from her body movements.

As, I write this now, she's just fell asleep in the crook of my arm (I'm having to use Caps Lock and then cancel it!) She really is a lovely baby.

Love you Isabelle. xxx


  1. awwww, lil lady was very inquisative too, and i had to turn her around in her wrap very early. She is adorable x

  2. They're always one step ahead of us! ;-) xxx


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