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Saturday, 10 March 2012

If you go down to the woods today!

Down the road from our house, opposite the beach, there is a woodland walk.  You can walk to the park this way, which can be a nice day out when it's not too muddy.  There is also a coastal path, but I'll blog about that another day.

P1148302 P1148303 P1148308

This is also where Danny's Cub Scout hut is situated, so they are in an ideal position to make the most of the Woodlands and the Beach when they have Cub Camps and for badge work. Yeah! Isabelle (kind of) made a picture!
 P1148310 P1148312 P1148313

My gentleman always helps us through the gates!
P1148315 P1148316 P1148319 P1148320 P1148321 P1148330 P1148331 P1148333 P1148337

He never sticks to the path. He's always drawn to water.

Rebecca is more interested in the flowers. She loves the sound of the water though.

Climbing again-please don't fall in the water Dan!

"Uh, I'm OK!"

 P1148344 P1148346 P1148349

Caitlyn loves the leaves and sticks.

Rebecca camouflaged?

 P1148351 P1148357 P1148359

I love trees!

One day, he will fall in!
P1148361 P1148362 P1148363 P1148364

Careful Dan! It's prettty muddy down there!

"Uh, I'm OK."


But his welly wasn't! ;-) Oh bless him! We could not shift this welly! If we got too close, we both started sinking again. I tried to lever it out with strong branches and sticks, but it was no use. We had not gone far into the woods at all, seen as we had stopped at every crook and cranny! So, we decided it was quicker to head back, so poor Dan had to walk home with one welly! It made me laugh, that you could view his name in the welly as it was sinking. I have the other welly at home, so we can plant something in it! ;-)

 P1148369 P1148370

Caitlyn is often to be seen lolling on the ground! Definitely the end of the trip when she starts to do that!


So, it was straight home for hot chocolate and homemade biscuits. Hopefully, I'll blog about the whole of the woodland walk one day! ;-)

love Claire xxx


  1. what a lovely place, I love our walks, so peaceful, I have started taking flasks of hot chocolate and tea out with us, the kids love to stop for a chat and a drink, really recharges the batteries

  2. Hi,
    Yes on this day I had my flask but went home without using it lol.


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