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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Books! We love (free) books!


Bounty had a "Free book for babies" offer in association with Red House that of course I took advantage of!  It arrived on Friday and Isabelle loved it! 



P3029010 P3029009

When Danny was born, I found it more difficult to find black and white toys and books which are the best initially for babies visual stimulation.  Everything seemed to be pale blue, pink and in pastel.  Now, there are lots more mobiles etc on the market.  I made Danny his own black and white cloth book.



The big kids weren't left out-they of course had their World Book Day tokens to exchange for a free book.  You can also choose to put the voucher towards the cost of a more expensive book, but the free books available were such good quality it definitely made sense to exchange this year!


So, on Saturday, after Dance, we collected their books.

There was so much choice, so they ended up choosing two each, so they each had one free book and one for a pound.

P3039120 Then we decided to find a prettier part of town and enjoy the sunshine before we went home.

 P3039083 P3039090


P3039093 P3039099

 Haverfordwest Castle

There will be no need for a trip to the library this week! We also have school books that need to be read! Danny and Rebecca read to Isabelle for extra practice!
 P3029065 P3029070

We love books! :-) xxx

Ooh and here is my gorgeous niece, Cerys dressed up for World Book Day...can you guess who she's dressed up as?



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  1. We just traded our tokens for books today too. They really did have a good selection this year, I ended up getting 4 in total, well 5 my eldest came home with another, my 9 year old is reading the how to train your dragon one as i type :)


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