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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another week...

Well to round up last week, Rebecca got a Merit in school on Friday.  Danny was a little bit jealous as he didn't get one this week. 

Dan:        "Why did you get a merit, Rebecca?"

Rebecca:  "Oh, I knew all my 3D shape names."

Dan:         "I know all my 3D shapes too."

Then, they proceeded to have a "Naming 3D Shapes" Off (as in "Dance Off"!) !  Haha!  I did explain that he can't get a merit every week and it was special when he first learnt his 3D shapes, now it is special that Rebecca's learning them.

Everytime Caitlyn sees a school letter with the School Logo on it she pretends it is a Merit that she has been awarded!  Oh well, I'm glad they're all aiming for these awards lol.

Gym club for Rebecca Fri pm, she's enjoying it and allowed to move into the same time slot as her friends so that's a bonus.  It means, we'll get home earlier too.

Saturday was Musical Theatre:  Annie!  I need to get the girls costumes ready this week.  You've probably guessed but their orphans.

Then we went to the Planetarium.

Sunday, Danny went off with Cubs, I was going to have a day out in the garden and then the park with the girls, but Rebecca wasn't very well, so no outings for her.  She seems a lot better now.

Sunday night, a pipe under our sink in the kitchen burst so we're investigating whether we will need a new washing machine and a sink unit or just a sink unit!  Eek!"  We've yet to price up getting our laptop fixed, this will be put on hold now.

Then it was back to today, Monday.  I need to make my Mum something for Mother's Day and sort her present and card, same for Dave's mum.  I'm also completing a cross stitch for Dave's Gran (Great Granny) for her birthday on Saturday, s I hope I manage to finish everything on time.  (Girls lavender pillows and Spring hair clips are on hold too!  ;-)

The house really needs a good sort out this week, but will I get time?  And the garden...

I'm doing GCSE Maths tutoring again too, so I need to prepare my work for that.  It's good to use the grey matter again!

I also want to "treat" myself to a new hose and turbo brush for my Vax, after a while they slow down, but once you replace these parts they're nearly as good as new.  Vacumning is a lot easier then!

Parents evenings and school photos are also this week.

Have a good week, everyone!



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