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Sunday, 26 February 2012


Writing a few daily diary entries to practise the technicalities of to insert photos etc.  Lets hope it doesn't go horribly wrong...

Thursdays normally mean Little Stars Parent and Toddlers for us, but Caitlyn was feeling poorly with her cold, so I decided she should have a "lazy morning" then see if she was feeling better during the afternoon for school (she was!).

We ate homemade Nutella Flapjacks (the Nutella was left over from our pancakes on Shrove Tuesday-mmm).


I finished this for Danny...

P2238808 P2238811

Shh...  Don't tell him though as I've yet to finish Rebecca's star, Caitlyn's sunshine or Isabelle's heart lavender pillow.  Some other craft projects have popped up so I'll finish them when these current ones are out of the way.

Isabelle was very excited about picking her big brothers and sisters up from school...


...and they were just as excited to be walking/running home from school.

Danny, with his overspill school bag, as Thursday is a busy day for him.  Drum lesson, swimming and PE on top of all his usual school activities.


"Tickets please!"


Danny has gym club on Thursdays after school.


Then during the evening, Isabelle has a playtime with Daddy (yes, she does look like she's trying to punch him! ;-) )


And that was our day!

Yeah!  I managed to insert photos!  I flipped between Compose and HTML, not sure if that's the quickest way to do it but it worked for me! 



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  1. wow i love flapjacks and with nutella to. Delicious. Thanks for sharing.



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