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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sunday - Baking & Drawing

The day started with smiles for everyone off Isabelle.

We needed some "treats" for Danny and Rebecca to put in their lunchboxes this week.   I was out of self-raising flour, so Dan scootered up to the local shop to get some,  It's still really hard to let him out on his own since he was run over, but I know he is extra careful now, as he never wants to experience that again.  On his way back he found a fallen daffodil, so took it home for me.


 The girls and I made Fairy Cakes (Banana flavoured as we had over ripened bananas we needed to use up...and it's always good to have some good added to naughty treats!

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Meanwhile, Danny was busy "planning" his picture for the St Davids Day Competition he is entering in school entitled, "What Wales means to me."  It could have been a sculpture, collage or painting etc but he decided he wanted to draw and use coloured pencils.  He wanted to draw a castle and Y Ddraig Coch fighting the White Dragon.  It was lovely to see him planning it all out and making sketches before finally starting the final drawing.  He used to really rush his "work".  He took his time and I love the finished piece. 

I listened to the kids reading their school books, then read to them.  The girls are into "Happy Families" at the moment.  After finishing "War Horse" and thoroughly enjoying the film; Danny and I are "paired reading" Farm Boy.  I love reading my chapters aloud, as I love the accents and the rhythm of the characters speech.  I hope he picks another Michael Morpurgo book to read with me next, but we'll see.  It could be anything from Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton or Banana Man! I've got a feeling he might choose a factual book as we've read a lot of fiction recently.  Caitlyn loved her new book, "Ella" as she loves ladybirds.

Then, not content with having fairy cakes in the house, Dave made a batch of gingerbread.  They had to be made with honey instead of golden syrup as I used the last of that making flapjacks!  Tasted even better though, and just like banana-honey is good for you isn't it?!




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