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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Monday- Back into the old routine...

This is the first "full week" back in school since half term.  Last week they had INSET day on the Monday.  So, it's all go this week- back to school, homework and all clubs etc.

The usual, playing with Isabelle...

(Her favourite songs are Twinkle Twinkle, Sing, Sing a Song and Catch a Falling Star. She always stops crying and smiles when you sing these to her. :-) ) runs...

                          P2278919 P2278920

(Caitlyn is holding her "Rhyme folder", this weeks rhyme is "Old Mother Hubbard."

 ...clothes washing (I had to take a photo of this BIG box of washing powder...when you're  a mum of four children, who like messy play, you get excited about things like this!  ;-) ...


... sending off ebay parcels...

...picking up prescriptions for Danny... after school for Rebecca, while Danny and Caitlyn played at Granny and Grampy's.

We finished Farm Boy tonight.  :-) 





  1. Hi! So glad I've found your blog - it'll be great to keep up with everything you're getting up to! Isabelle is such a cutie and very smiley! (Rosie smiles lots... until I get the camera out, when she suddenly goes all serious!)
    Are you going to the LHM open day this weekend? It'd be lovely to see you - must catch up again soon. Take care xxx

  2. Hi,
    Thanks! I've added your blog now! Always read it but never had an account to "Follow" it before. :-) Love to catch up with Charlie and Rosie too. :-) No, unfortunately, we would love to be there, but Dave has a gig so we can't make it.
    Yes, we will have to see each other soon. Had a lovely day at Doctor Who and Techniquest. Danny's really into Astronomy at the moment so would love to see the Planetarium this time. here's one coming to our Theatre in two weeks so we're looking forward to that!


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