Thursday, 23 April 2015

Breville: Top Of the Toasters

Breville Warburtons Toaster

Tea and toast is always a comfort to me.  After having each of my children, I can remember being so grateful for my first post-birth cup of tea and slice of toast, each sip and bite making me feel slightly more human again.

To enjoy the perfect toast at home, a good toaster is vital.  We were invited to review the Perfect Fit for Warburtons Breville 2-Slice Toaster and a loaf of Warburtons Toastie White and this is what we thought of it:

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Photographing Pembrokeshire- Blue Lagoon Abereiddy,

Blue Lagoon Abereiddy Pembrokeshire

I love to take photographs and always have since I was young.  As I live in Pembrokeshire, then it stands to reason that a lot of my photography is Pembrokeshire based.  I don't claim to be talented and I am certainly not a professional, but as my enjoyment of photographing my home county has grown, then I find myself building a collection of my favourite places to visit in Pembrokeshire.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Climbing at Conduit Beach, Pembrokeshire

Conduit Beach Hakin Pembrokeshire

In the Easter holidays we walked to one of the small local beaches, Conduit in Hakin.  It's a nice scooter/bike ride/walk to go on and one we've done so many times over the years. This place is much appreciated when we need to get out of the house but don't feel like travelling too far.

Friday, 17 April 2015

An Indian at Buccibar for Dave's Birthday

Dave's Birthday Milford Marina The Buccibar

Last week we enjoyed an evening without the kids (thanks Nanny, Granny and Grampy for sharing the kids between you!).  First we took a stroll along Milford Marina (the Docks) and enjoyed a drink on the balcony of The Harbourmaster.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Science is Fun for All #lettoysbetoys

Science Let Toys Be Toys Boy Girl Gender

We often hear in the media that girls lack confidence in science and maths.  I have always been interested in this topic and wonder if this issue is caused by nature or nurture.  In my own case, when I was in school, I was what they called a "good all rounder", achieving high grades in all of my subjects.  When I chose my main subjects for A Levels and then Degree level, I was encouraged by the careers advisor to go down the Science and Mathematical route as there was a shortage of new recruits in these areas.  I chose Mathematics as I knew there was a shortage of Maths Teachers and I still love the patterns and magic found within this subject.   Looking back though, I actually wish I had persued my love of writing rather than trying to increase their quota of female mathematicians and scientists. 

Interestingly, a lot of my male and female friends did go down the Science route, though I noticed that the females tended to have a preference for Biology, the males for Physics and an even mix both enjoying Chemistry. I admit that Physics was my least favourite aspect of Science and I preferered number work in Maths compared to Mechanics.  

 I do wonder if I was born this way or if the way I was bought up and the toys I played with influenced my (lack of)  ability in the physics side of Science.  I only had sisters, so although we did play with Lego, trains and car garage sets, I can't remember us having a Science set which always used to be sold in the "boys section" of toys.  Also, Dave remembers from a young age being shown by his dad how things like cars worked and how to fix them whereas I never had these experiences.

I think my three daughters are lucky to have a brother, and vice versa.  They all share their toys and therefore get a greater variety to play with.  I have always bought a lot of Science and Educational toys for Danny (as he's the firstborn), which have all been passed onto his sisters who love experiments too.  As a teacher and as a parent, I have found that all children are naturally inquisitive about the Science around us and it is our job to encourage and nurture this curiousity.

Narberth Vintage Home and Fashion Fair #styleinyourcity

Narberth Vintage Home and Fashion Fayre 2015

For me, weekends usually mean family time with the kids, but when I saw Vintage Narberth were putting on the Narberth Vintage Fashion and Home Fayre, then I knew it would be the perfect grown up day out for me, mum and Jo.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Rath at Sunset

sunset The Rath Pembrokeshire

In the Easter Holidays, we really enjoyed the long evenings with no worries about having to get up for school the next day.  We love to watch the sunset each clear evening, preferably from a beach.  Sadly, the closest beach to our house faces south so we only have an orange corner of the beach-nothing like the spectacular views at the west facing beaches.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Stick Man- Live on Stage

Stick Man Live on Stage

I have always been a huge fan of Julia Donaldson books, both as a teacher and now as a parent.  We were so excited then to hear that Stick Man- Live on Stage was coming to the the Sherman Cymru Theatre in Cardiff and we were off to review it.

Bathroom Tile Inspiration

Bathroom Tiles TileFlair
Image:  Tileflair

Bathrooms...where do I begin?  When we first moved into our house I dreamt of a roll top bath (oh, the luxury!) and a built in vanity unit (for lots of storage and surface space).  

Instead  we decided to "make do" with the existing bathroom for the time being and left it as it was except for pulling up the carpet (tiles are definitely a must in such a humid room).  Thankfully, the walls were already fully tiled, which looked great and has been practical too.

However, when we get a new bath and shower soon we will need to re-tile the whole room so I will get to choose tiles of our own which I'm really looking forward to.

Currently we have a standard bath with shower, sink and toilet.  This has actually worked well for us as when the kids were little baths were easier.  Now they're getting older, they all prefer showers as do I to save time and water.  

Easter Egg Hunt and First BBQ of the Year

Garden Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ 2015

In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it...

After the heavy rain last Easter, the sunshine was much appreciated for this years annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Last year we rushed around trying to collect everything before it got too wet- this year we could take the time to enjoy it and wanted to stay outside all day.

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