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Friday, 24 November 2017

Home: Get the Cosy Hygge Look This Winter

You know those nights - the cosy, sitting by the fireplace with a mug of tea kind of nights? We all look forward to them, but do you ever feel like something is missing? That the atmosphere just isnt quite perfect enough, or you need some kind of change? What you need is a Hygge interior. Regular readers know that I love the concept of Hygge and as a deservingly growing trend in the interior design world, it involves use of Danish design principles to create a minimalistic but homely, comfortable aesthetic. Dont be deterred by the phrase minimalism’ however - the use of warm tones helps combat the stripped back feel to make it just right; a goldilocks effect that gives that bit of perfection you are looking for. 

How is a Hygge interior created? Simple. Our friends at Rug Mountain have some suggestions below on how to best bring in that soft tranquility:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Christmas: 5 Vegan Dairy Free Advent Calendars + a Giveaway

I have to admit that when I became a vegan I didn't miss having a chocolate advent calendar at all as I haven't had one since I was a child.  Last year however I was excited to spot a couple of dairy free advent calendars in the local supermarkets but by the time I decided to buy one for Rebecca they had all sold out.  This year I was determined to have one just out of principle!  In fact I ended up buying five- one for myself, Rebecca, Andy and I also have two spare to giveaway (read on for a chance to win one in this post).  Thankfully there are still plenty of vegan advent calendars left to buy before December 1st- take a look:

Monday, 20 November 2017

Food: Making Your Homemade Ice Cream Stand Out

There aren’t many universal truths in this world, but the power of ice cream to brighten even the murkiest of moods surely ranks amongst them. Considering just how popular the food is, and how simple it is to make, it is surprising that so few of us ever think about actually doing it. Not only is ice cream delicious and beautifully simple to produce, but once you have the basics down, there is endless room for customising and refining your recipe.   A few years ago Rebecca asked for a children's "toy" ice cream maker for Christmas.  Instead I bought her a real one as I knew we'd get more use out of it.  

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Travel: 5 Things you should definitely do when in Puri, India

Puri is definitely one of the most underrated destinations in India. With a pristine beach and a Char Dham temple located here, Puri only needs to be promoted more to garner more tourist visits. For those who are sceptical whether this small town has much to offer them, here is a list of 5 unique things that Puri has to offer, and that any traveller would love to enjoy: 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Style: 5 Tungsten Rings for the Modern Man

In all the time we've been together Dave has never worn a ring.  He did consider it when we first got engaged but decided that it wasn't practical as he spends a lot of time doing manual work, fixing boats in the day, and playing bass guitar at night.  We realised that he would spend more time with his ring off than on.   Recently however, I've discovered Tungsten Carbide Rings and wonder if these super hard metal bands could be a sensible and stylish solution so he can finally put a ring on it.
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