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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

How To Insulate Your Home

It is important to insulate your home both in summer and in winter. This is because in winter you want to keep the heat in your house, but in the summer you want to keep it out. The way that you go about doing this is roughly the same, thankfully. With that in mind, here are several ways that you can go about insulating your home.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Travel: Are Your Tyres Ready For Your Next Road Trip?

This week here in Wales it's half term and I've planned lots of road trips and days out with the kids.  Before any school holidays and long journeys I like to make sure the car is well prepared for time on the road.  One important way to keep cars safe is to take care of your tyres.  Here are five ways to make sure that your tyres are ready for your next road trip:


Sunday, 18 February 2018

Days Out: Snapshots of the Saundersfoot Tunnel Walks, Pembrokeshire

The "Saundersfoot Tunnel Walks" are an enjoyable trail walking from Saundersfoot to Wiseman's Bridge, passing through two low tunnels following the route of the railway that used to carry coal between the two towns.  We usually walk from Saundersfoot to Wiseman's Bridge and back but on this occasion we actually parked at Coppet Hall, walked into Saundersfoot then back to Coppet Hall and onto Wiseman's Bridge and then back to the car park located next to Coast restaurant (SA69 9AJ)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Home Maintenance Jobs: A Handy Checklist

Image Credit: Pexels

Each year you need to perform a lot of home maintenance jobs. Some are easy to remember such as vacuuming. However, some are easy to forget. With that in mind, here is a handy checklist of some home maintenance jobs you should not forget about.

The Truth About Vegan Pancakes (and Five Vegan Substitutes for Popular Toppings)

When I first began making vegan pancakes I thought I needed something to replace the egg.  I tried various egg replacements from chia seeds to bananas and all worked well.  Each time the vegan recipes made delicious pancakes that even the omni-kids in our house were happy to eat (result!).  But regular readers know that I like to simplify everyday recipes as much as I can so recipes and methods can easily be committed to memory and passed down and remade through the generations.  In cutting down our number of ingredients I discovered the truth about vegan pancakes- no egg replacement is needed.  Of course, traditionally pancakes were made on Shrove Tuesday to use up the eggs, milk and fat which would be "given up" during Lent along with meat and fish, whereas in modern times folk often go out and buy special ingredients for "Pancake Day" instead of "using up".  With this simple vegan pancake recipe all you need is two ingredients plus fat or oil to fry your pancakes but you can go all out on the toppings if you want to!  Read on for the two ingredient recipe:
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